Tuesday, September 02, 2003

stabs at reformation

usually at nine p.m. on a tuesday i would be setting the vcr to record queer eye for the straight guy (how secure am i?) so i could watch the latest installment of the real world, airing concurrently. it occurred to me earlier today, though, that i spend (or waste, rather) too much time staring at programming which serves absolutely no purpose in my life. and as such, i've decided to drastically whittle down the quality time i spend with the television in favor of actually reading some of the books i have that were only initially meant to impress company (back when i had my own actual place with actual intermittent company). of course i'm notorious for establishing and abandoning resolutions, but my intentions are in the right place. here's hoping.

album of the day: guided by voices earthquake glue

believe it or not this is around the 19'th album put out by gbv, and probably among the best of them. Robert Pollard is a genious.

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