Friday, September 05, 2003


more and more i think i loathe the approach of the weekend. perhaps being unemployed affords me the luxury of not having to think about resting. my life is already fraught with mostly rest and anxiety, if you believe in harboring negatives. saturdays for me just have such a hollow connotation for some reason, although i like saturday mornings (probably because i sleep through them). i sleep through life, it's not relegated to saturdays.

i used to have definite, identifiable emotions that always had clinical names and symptoms. anymore though i am just constantly swept over in these odd waves of what i can only describe as lethargy. i'm just empty and vague. it's like i'm filled with this numbness that i can't identify or alleviate. every idea or thought i have just turns me off and seems very unappealing.

album of the day: abandoned pools humanistic

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