Tuesday, August 19, 2003


i just got done walking 6 miles outside in the sweltering humidity; needless to say i was soaked. it's rather entertaining walking at night in the darkness. sometimes i pretend i'm lou ferigno walking down a lonely road with that theme song playing in the background. that's about as close i'll ever come in my life to conjuring a hulk metaphor.

i should also work on the webs i conjure in my own mind as to why things happen to me, or even if they happen at all. i tend to assume the worst about certain aspects of my inter-personal relationships and it leads to nothing but mental turmoil for me. my weekend was rather horrible, but really it didn't need to be. it was just horrid in my head. at any rate, the vantage point of the positive is something i've always grappled with and will more than likely continue to do, but i should try to be mindful twaaaaaa.

also, i thought it was typical of george w. to be playing golf this morning when a car bomb went off near the hotel housing the u.n. representatives in baghdad. i think he even had to consider whether to cancel his game. gotta love em.

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