Wednesday, August 20, 2003


sitting here drinking this raspberry green tea and it tasted too much like some freak fruit punch, which made me feel a bit too barnes-and-noble ish so i switched to mandarin. i don't know why i should care. i even like barnes and noble.

over the past week i honestly believe i've been averaging about 18 hours of sleep a day. not that that's a record for me or anything, it's just noteworthy.

i had sex last weekend, and it wasn't great. it got me to thinking that maybe i'm an asexual person. sure, it's nice to have the closeness every now and then, but when all is said and done i just want to lay down in my bed by myself, stretch out, and fall asleep with the tv on. that inclination, from what i've gathered over the years, isn't very conducive to what most fems like to include in their whole sexual reparte. who knows, maybe i just haven't gotten it from the right person as of yet. frankly miss scarlet i'm starting to not give a damn. this all makes me out to be mr. fraternity q. buttsteak who loves them and leaves them, but really i'm not. i'd rather have every other part of the relationship methos than the sex. if sex were never invented i really think i'd be an entirely different person. i should get a vasectomy and a labotomy on the same weekend. maybe radical reconstructive surgery as well. change my name to dirk manbuscuit.

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