Thursday, August 28, 2003


when i am old i will dip my dentures in beer

i think tomorrow i am going to take example of a fellow blogger and try to re-invent myself. i need to come up with some sort of schematic today, as i'm not sure exactly who i want to be and what part i may play in this crazy world. what is known is that overhaul is necessary. i wish i had enough money to be a kickass philanthropist.

i also wish i had something more interesting to write about for my readers (all both of them), but my life as a hermit really relegates me to musings on my own inner voice(s) and moodiness. also my cat, whom is one of the few points of light in an otherwise dark existence that is my life. although even she isn't really approachable at present since i had to put flea medicine on the back of her neck and it smells like a shoe.

incidentally, i'm toying with this page, and as i am new to html it may be rather cooky (moreso than usual). bear with me (deer without me)

album of the day: the dandy warhols welcome to the monkey house

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