Wednesday, August 27, 2003

doom and gloom

harping on the negative in my life gets redundant, but at the moment downsides are very prominent in my days. there was a job i was turned down for that only required a high school education. my parents are in town this weekend and i'm going to have to put on a happy face to avoid useless and annoying conversations. having to feign happiness is the worst. i have no concrete direction right now. all i do is download songs, pick up dishes and feed the cat. that encompasses my entire daily routine. i hardly even look for work anymore. woe is me right? i don't relish feeling sorry for myself, in fact i hate it. sometimes it can't be helped though.

it's thundering outside. i hope it rains hard.

album of the day: nada surf let go

if' you've heard the song popular that they put out in 1996 (class of '96 rules) you probably wrote them off forever, as i did. this album, however, is all-around marvelous. give it a listen.

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