Wednesday, December 28, 2011

33 going on 40 going on Social Security

Am 33 but in one blink will be 46 and have accomplished nothing, without extraordinary chance.  I've ne'er had a broken bone in my life.  S-h-e-l-t-e-r-d.  Thinking of taking up camping.

I will have accepted meaningless, but not only related to myself but to ubiquity.  And perhaps why I didn't get as high as possible as often as possible.

I wonder what it's like to kill a man.

I wonder what it's like to save a life.

I wonder how I would fare against a traumatic experience, how I would react in a terrorist attack, or if my plane were going down, if if I went to war. What am I really?

A hedonist, who knows he's a hedonist wasting gifts that could potentially make an impact on the world.  Jihad!  Purell is your enemy!

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oyster said...

It's been a while since I stopped by the cave. Was pleased to see it's still habited. Dark yet reflective, as always.

As someone who's wasted a lot of my 20s and 30s on doing easy things the hard way, I've recently decided to become an advocate of disciplined absurdism.

Good luck, phizz.