Thursday, January 04, 2007

Out with the Old, Incompetent, Corrupt, Certifiable and Delusional, in with the New

On MSNBC right now I'm watching coverage of the induction of the 110th Congress and I'm getting misty. Honest-to-dog misty!

Nancy Pelosi is now third in line from the presidency, so the very real possibilty exists that she could become the first female president should congressional investigations go where they likely will and definitely should.

John Boeher (outgoing majority leader) just passed the gavel to a liberal from San Francisco, Pelosi, and for a woman in her late sixties she looks pretty good! Or maybe the thought of a female speaker of the House just gives me a big rubbery one.

Are you upset Republicans? Crying? Can I taste your tears? Mmmmmm yes... drown me in your sadness! Suck on a giant candy made of failure and rejection! Schadenfreude! Champion minority rights now you hypocritical ass plugs!

How does a woman with such power make you feel? Awww... intimidated? Did your penises shrivel up and go inside you? Well, just go out and buy a bigger truck, a bigger gun, kill a very small animal, hire a male escort and score some crystal meth. It's your panacea!

Oh Jesus, she's talking about pay-as-you-go, raising the minimum wage and throrough ethics reform! If I weren't at work right now Id totally be playing with a big spicy boner.

It's been a long time since I had a little hope for our country. Now, llet's bend that monkey-in-chief over a barrel and run a train on him.

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