Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tan in your stocking

For Xmas George Bush has decided to send more troops to Iraq. Yes, more. If you didn't previously believe that this man is membrane insane, how's about now?

Over sixty percent of the country wants a drawdown in the number of soldiers in Iraq, Democrats won a majority in congress largely by opposing the war and calling for withdrawal, the (largely Republican) Iraq Survey Group recommended some form of a drawdown in personnel, and the president decides, after all this, to increase the number of fish in the barrel.

At this point you have to think he's taking his marching orders from tea leaves or his pet rock (who he named Bust-Ass). The 40,000 or so troops are being sent over there with no mission or focus or defined purpose. He's dumping more people in there, fuel to the fire, so he can say he's doing something differently.

He IS a child. When everyone tells him he should be doing something he does the opposite, regardless of the stakes. More people will die so he can fan his ego and spite the will of the American people, and so he can keep convincing himself he's right. There is so much I don't understand about many humans.

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