Friday, November 17, 2006

Pictoral inferences

Pop-culture savants eagaerly await the release of the PlayStation 3. What smells do you suppose eminate from this group of social climbers after sitting outside in an alley all day? I'm sure the thoughts of another Super Marios game keeps them warm and sated during the 2+ days they've been anxiously awaiting the gaming system's release. Wow, a whole two days just laying there idle. Can you imagine it? I can -- it's how I spend practically every weekend. Only with air conditioning and the occasional shower.

For the sake of full disclosure, I have no idea who JoJo is. Jimmy crack whore and I don't care. My problem with this ad, in case you can't guess, is that it presumes to exploit men's desire to accept minors (13 and 15-year olds) as sex symbols. I don't doubt that such men (and women) exist, as Stone Phillips has repeatedly demonstrated on Dateline. We in our society tend to refer to them as "pedophiles" (right Mark Foley?) and morally reprehensible. But I guess nuanced and implied pedophilia is okay in 2006.

Yet again another "True" banner ad. You have to have seen them, they're only on about 95% of the web pages you visit. I just thought that what was special about this particular gem was that the model could also have been used in a commercial warning against the dangers of melanoma. Or perhaps Nip/Tuck, given the.... protuberances.

Advertising never ceases to pique my interest, if only in regard to the psychology of people who are mesmerized by certain ads. Although maybe me devoting a blog post to it qualifies me as one of the aforementioned mesmerized. Hopefully in a different context.

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