Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ahhhh inter-office politics

My psychiatrist decided to swtich me from xanax to valium. My thoughts thus far: valium sucks. I've taken about 100 mg today and all I feel is really tired. This is bogus man. And I really could have used the x-nax today after getting my ass eaten out by my boss for something that was COMPLETELY not my fault, and in fact my involvement in the matter was only voluntary and pre-emptive, trying to cover one of my co-worder's asses. That's the thanks I get. From now on I'm only concerned with self-preservation, eschewing the grander complany goals. Either that or I get fired for trying to be a "team player". FUCK I hate that word.

Come on K-FedEx, PLEASE release the sex tape. Amerca needs some good celeb boom-boom.

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Ian McGibboney said...

Ah, "team player." I've had that used against me as well, by a potential employer who personally disagreed with my politics. What it really means is, "we do things a certain way, right or wrong, and we don't want it questioned, especially by a smart person."

Bottle Job Blonde said...

Well said, Ian.