Monday, November 20, 2006

Oh So U lost Michigan?

This will come across as incredibly cynical, which perhaps it is, but there isn't a modecum of self-pity involved. I have no dreams. I don't aspire to be a rockstar or an author or to have fame or glory or anything (anymore).

For the longest time I've struggled vehemently with what it is I want to do with my life. But I recently arrived at the realization that you don't always have to have dreams or lofty goals. What's so bad about being content with existence, with discovering value in the smaller things ("smaller" as coined by our culture).

I still love music. I love imbibing it and hopefully one day crafting it. But no longer will I flagellate myself for a misspent youth devoid of honing skills that I wish I now had. This is all very zen.

Or perhaps I'm just sporting wood because my beloved Ohio State Buckeyes bent Michigan over a rusty barrel and ran a fucking train on their virgin assholes on Saturday! Fuckin' A! Ohio State, undefeated, ranked number 1, hosting Michigan, undefeated, ranked number 2. This was perhaps the biggest sporting event in decades, especially considering that it's arguably the biggest rivalry in all of sports, period. Seriously, someone make the agrument that it's not. All of sports, collegiate or pro.

This is the only event in all of sports that I get psyched up for, having lived in Ohio for three years during high school. Something funny about Ohio State is that any fan you talk to would probably rather beat Michigan than win a national championship. The Bucks could go 1-11 for the season and be content as long as Michigan was that one win.

Their previous coach, John Cooper, had an overal winning percentage of something like .813, which is astounding in college football. But they STILL shit-canned him because he couldn't beat Michigan. Now Jim Tressel not only owns Michigan (3 straight wins in a row) but is on the verge of bringing home his second national championship. Dot the "I" you Michigan fucks! The 2006 Bucks: undefeated, likely Heisman winner Troy Smith, likely national championship. Damnation. Glendale isn't until January 8. And it may be Michigan again. I think that would be stellar personally.

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