Saturday, November 18, 2006

Most Intentionally Apathetic

There's been a very gradual and very real annoyance cultivating in me regarding pictures of bands in magazines and on album covers The members TRY to look ALOOF (irony never ceases to boggle me).

It's like the South Park episode where Cartman forms a Christian rock band and tells Butters and Token to look away from the camera because rock bands are supposed to look like they don't give a cock when taking album cover pictures. If I'm ever in a band (which I never will be, unless it's a wandering minstrel show) I plan on going high school yearbook-style. Or just a giant show of my asshole, taint and scrotum. With a caption that says "clearly you can see I'm nuts). Intentional apathy leaves me acerbic. I will however let pass bands who happen to rock.

Case in point: The Shins.

I understand fully that in the entertainment game image is everything, but with music... my mantra is that if what you craft shows real creativity and quality, or is at the very least entertaining, then I don't give a fiddler's fart what you look like or how you pose in your pictures. If Abe Vigoda put out a kickass record I'd buy it. SHIT, I bought Justin fucking Timberlake's new album because it's just good.

Point being: music is what resonates with you. The genre or the looks or the fan base or the stigmas associated with the band shouldn't matter. Unless they're racist like Lynyrd Skynyrd (fuck you guys -- Neil Young is the man). They can go suck a long one.

Also, if I hear "Sweet Home Alabama" in a movie trailer one more time in my life I will, WILL, walk out of the theater and demand my money back. In fact I'll run, screaming all the way.

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