Thursday, November 09, 2006

Great day in the morning

WOOT with a capital WOO. The House is ours, the Senate is ours. Rumsfeld is gone! Santorum is now irrelevant, as are DeWine, Kenneth Blackwell, Katherine Harris, Conrad Burns, George Alllen... and who knows, perhaps Bush and Cheney in the not-so-distant future. Oh happy day!

I heard a columnist on the radio a while back discussing how the Democrats would probably not pursue impeachment proceedsings because they would only be symbolic since the Senate has to decide whether to force the president out of office after the house impeaches him (like how Clinton was impeached but not forced to resign), and the then-projected Republican senate would never do that. Of course at that time noone in the universe thought the Democrats would take back the Senate. But how's about now huh??? Exciting times for all.

And the new Speaker is a Democrat from San Francisco! The first woman ever to be speaker! I need to go whack off in the bathroom now.


Nez said...

I was hoping the election results would bring you back to life ;-)

Ian McGibboney said...

We should throw a party. At your place, because you have a stereotypical liberal apartment-slash-hovel. And, also, a deck. I'll bring the chips.

Phillip said...

But you haven't seen my deck of late... one corner is sagging about a full foot below the rest. I could host a "let's see how many people it takes to make this thing come tumbling down" party. We could have a betting pool.