Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bad day in the morning

from The Independent:


Non-profit, non-partisan organization Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America just issued the results of its comprehensive study into legislators' records on voting for or against measures that would support U.S. troops and veterans. It assigned each legislator a letter grade from A+ (best) to F (worst).

William Jefferson, Democrat: A-
Mary Landrieu, Democrat: B+
Charlie Melancon, Democrat: B+
Rodney Alexander, Republican: B-
Jim McCrery, Republican: C
Richard Baker, Republican: C
Charles Boustany, Republican: D
Bobby Jindal, Republican: D
David Vitter, Republican: F (only legislator to receive a failing grade)

To view the complete state-by-state list and legislator grades, visit

Something else. I don't really fault the 30% or so of the population that will never change their opinions and will always remains staunchly balls-first, kill everyone and let dog sort them out. They're intellectually inferior and incapable of processing new information. It's just the way they are.

No, my problem is with the mid 40% that just doesn't pay enough attention to realize that they're being skull-fucked. Don't you think we've been engineered, at least partly, to NOT pay attention to anything but television and mass commercialism so that we don't realize that we're secretly being robbed? That our freedoms are being taken away? One hand entertains us with a cat puppet while the other one steals our wallets, and we're so doped-up on drugs and partying and TV and trying to eke out a living that we have no clue.

I'm so irate.

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bunny said...

It's a fun night to be watching CNN. Blue everywhere...except fucking Texas.