Friday, September 01, 2006

Das verken suckens der balls

Buzzing about in Cameron Parish -- a 2-hour trip to and fro.

Wednesday was a 12-hour day, including a 4-foot fall off a loading dock while holding a 17-inch CRT (not flat-panel, i.e. heavy) computer monitor. I decided I'm not particularly fond of falling from loading docks. My pants ripped, I'm having a hard time writing -- half of my left hand is blue and swollen (masturbation... difficult. I'm a southpaw), and my diet has gone to shit because the only thing to eat in the utopian land of Cameron is fast food. Lots of McFried things.

Also I've had to imbibe copius amounts of beer after work (yes, just HAD to) every day to stay grounded and not go mental/postal and quit. So I'm a big fatass now.

Thursday was only a 10-hour day. I should change my Myspace moniker to Inch and the Angry Phillip.

We're off for Labor Day. I should thank Dog for small miracles.

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