Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bad Dane Cook!

Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook in the same movie. Phillip brain bleed. Not just from all the substance abuse and usual life woes either.

Tomorrow starts the 2006 ACL fest, yet another year I'm unable to go. I foresee a weekend of encapsulated, insulated reality escapism. Someone find me a republican so I can ask them the best way to go about this.

Ann Richards, the only good thing ever to come out of Texas, died. She lost being re-elected governor because she legislated her principles instead of politics. And W. probably rigged that one too, because she was hugely popular. Also he's unelectable and a complete braying jackass phony liar crap nugget.

Could Norah Jones be more painfully beautiful? Leading scientists say no.

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This borders on Polyphonic Spreeness, which I abhor, but stups short and does right by me.

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bunny said...

Long time listener, first time caller. Okay not so much but still...I have pertinent experience on the Ann Richards front. I was an editor/reporter for a Hispanic paper during the 1994 gubernatorial campaign, and I guarantee you that the election was Richards' to lose. Her campaign staff thought they had a win in the bag and coasted, especially with their core constituencies, and they lost. It was a real tragedy, especially when you think of what might have happened had she beaten that louse Bush Jr. the first go round. Damn. Great politician. Most of the flags here in TX are at half staff.