Monday, April 17, 2006

ubiquitous and happy myopia

the level of inquiry in which you are fully engaged with yourself affects the world. by "fully engaged" i mean that you lead an examined life -- you question yourself incessantly in order to hone your beliefs to be based as much on reality as possible.

"hawks" in government and their disciples (religious inference intended) have no such inner inquiry. there is no use in debating, no negotiation or possible capitulation ever necessary. you're either with us or against us.

they deal in absolutes, despite absolutes not existing in nature. everything is gray; true or false questions are inherently inaccurate narratives because all is objective. observing the process will change it. we see a teal car; i say it's blue, you say it's green.

the official definition of teal: "moderate or dark bluish green to greenish blue." who's right? neither of us. both of us.

but recognition of middle ground doesn't seem to be a capability of today's curmudgeons in charge; especially so with the curmudgeon-in-chief. actually, revision: they may be capable of self-scrutiny, but those that are just don't practice it (for money, re-election, and/or power -- the three great motivators).

i constantly quote philosophers who captured certain sentiments perfectly (especially emerson, even though he once wrote, "i hate quotations. tell me what you know."). bertrand russell said, "the whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts."

the best thing about human beings, and maybe the only saving grace, is their (i'm not human, i'm a robot) ability to be intellectually curious about anything and everything. some choose to take advantage, some don't. i have my own theories about why, mostly concerning emotional (im)maturity and nature/nurture bric-a-brac. for some it's a conscious decision -- they're cognizant of certain truths but choose to feign ignorance to further their own personal agendas (again, money/power). for others it's just stupidity.

either they don't see or don't care about (which is worse?) the synergy of humanity; the ontological effects of policies and actions symptomatic of short-sightedness, myopia, greed, malice, and ultimately the externalization of personal demons (daddy didn't love me so i'm going to fuck all these people over).

"since my job was outsourced to an indian computer technician i now hate all foreigners."

"i was robbed by a black person, so all black people are criminals."

generalizations based on singularities are the big, dick-swinging albatrosses of our culture.

although this all is only my opinion and i may be wrong.

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