Friday, March 03, 2006

a post you probably won't read until monday because you have lives

words hover above meaninglessness. we use them to communicate and assign what are at best loose definitions to the abstract and not-so-abstract (all things), but essentially they mean nothing. you are not what you say, you are not what you write, you are not your own self-image. all you are is what you do and what you love. tell me what you love and i'll know everything relevant about you.

as i age i notice that my circle of friends acquaintences changes consistently. how this happens i can't say, or whether it's a phenomenon specific to me or not. my own theory is that i get bored with people, who were probably bored with me from the get-go. i get bored, and annoyed, and feel taken for granted, and at some point cease to put up with it. i subsequently go through a social hiatus wherein i communicate very little with the outside world, recharge the chi, and get back to it. sunrise, sunset.

it's possible i'm too intolerant of others' bugaboos, which shouldn't be such big deals. fuck it, they're not really bugaboos so much as character flaws and emotional immaturity. to hell with them. at least to elsewhere with them.

but also i forget to pay more attention to the actions of friends than the words. i need to get a placard or something and hang it up in my bathroom to remind myself. no more piss down my back disguised as rain.


Ian McGibboney said...

You'll be happy to know I read this on Friday, even though I'm commenting on Monday.

You know, you and I go through very similar friendship cycles. And at this moment, we appear to be synchronized.

Phillip said...

so are you saying that we're... n'sync?

what can i say. great minds...

Ian McGibboney said...

We would make a great boy band.