Wednesday, March 01, 2006


who are the minus-minds who STILL approve of this through-and-through douchelicker? it's like saying that you enjoy sandblasting your genitals in a swimming pool of salty lemon juice. i can wonder the same about that 23o approved of nixon right before he left the white house.

of course there's always a certain percentage who won't disapprove of bush regardless of what he does.

he raped a puppy? well, yes... because.. 9-11!

we now get news that he had another biking accident in scotland. oh how this tickles me:

US President George W Bush was waving to police when he fell off his bike at the G8 summit in Scotland last July, newly published police papers reveal.

The smash left Mr Bush with scrapes on his hands and arms, and the policeman needing crutches for an ankle injury.

At the time, Mr Bush laughed off the crash as a sign "I should act my age".

The police report confirms that Mr Bush later telephoned the injured policeman to ask how he was and to apologise.

The cause of the officer's injury was officially recorded as being "hit by a moving/falling object".

a falling object? so... many... jokes...

it's not a bad metaphor for his entire presidency. get this man some training wheels, or at least get h.w. running behind him with his hand on junior's seat.

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