Tuesday, February 28, 2006

flat bluesday

as much as i bash mardi gras i do enjoy the day off. it's also the day before lent begins, and oh how i relish wholesome christian fasting. i have decided to give up alcohol/cigarettes for the month of march. not lent-related at all, just a coincidence. also i can eat only meat on fridays.

it's a good reality check to occasionally go an extended period of time without drinking just to make sure i'm not an -aholic, and to replenish my chi.

i live close enough to the parade routes to hear people celebrating good times from my bedroom. a past version of myself could easily wallow in depression as a result; "woe is me for being alone and not amongst the revelers," but now i couldn't be more grateful for the solitude.

here's hoping this is my last mardi gras in louisiana.

this specific day -- february 28, 2006 -- will hereby be known as the day of auditory slings and arrows. i should have known better than to think i would be immune, holed up in my apartment. but no. big hefty stinking NOOOOOOOOOO. the people who live behind me went the full nine: speakers bigger than a volkswagon, zydeco thumping and permeating my usually stolwart powers of ostriching. ultimately i've decided to just drink. tomorrow is the first of march and begins my month-long sobriety stint, so why not. laissez les blah blah rouler.

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Ian McGibboney said...

You kill with your puns, phizzle. I'm still laughing, and I read this hours ago.

We should've hung for Mardi Gras. At least then I wouldn't have this amazingly horrid sunglass sunburn.