Friday, February 10, 2006

friday crunk

a nice mind-wrench on a soggy friday -- kick off the weekend with a kick to the head i always say.

from usatoday:

The federal government levied a larger fine — $550,000 — for the 2004 Super Bowl showing of Janet Jackson's breast than it did for the 2001 deaths of 13 Alabama miners in one of the deadliest mine disasters in a quarter-century. And the $435,000 fine against mine operator Jim Walter Resources was cut by a judge to $3,000.
that's over half a million for a two-second titty shot (from which probably half a million "money shots" ensued), and three grand for 13 lives. i'd like to call the fcc and find out how much for both titties.

off-topic quickly: an ad on the radio yesterday for lasik eye surgery boasted prices as low as $299 per eye. is it possible to just get one? eyepatches are kickass but you'd think "eye surgery" would arbitrarily encompass both eyes. it seems like a package deal. do plastic surgeons base ther breast augmentation prices on a per-breast basis? pa-diddle.

oh me... always with the boobies.

back to mining safety (sexy isn't it?): it's of course troubling that industry regulations have become so lax in the past five years. is it surprising? not to me. it is but a harbinger of the blatant class warfare being waged on the lower and middle classes by the "haves," the "hawks."

claim the moral high ground (whereupon no bare boobie is allowed!), force seniors to choose between medicine and heat, corporations are kings, miners' lives cost $230 apiece, and all... is... right... with the world (in best howard kosel imitation).

a lovely bunch of coconuts.

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Ian McGibboney said...

That's what I always say when a far-right hawk gets smug about their side's grip on power: "Yeah, you're doing really great! What a paradise you guys have wrought. You must be so proud."

The fine proportion is (pun alert) obscene! How do people sleep in this country? This sexual repression has got to stop. Or, at least, take a backseat to the real problems in this country.

Phillip said...

amen. all this sexual oppressions to make peopple feel guilty because it's "sinful". i say let the freak flag fly.

i think what capitol hill desperately needs is a fleet of jeff gannon-guckerts afailable on a whim. these crusty old lawmakers need to come to terms with their baser sexaul depravity, but a nut, and stop ruining people's lives.

Miki said...

Yes, actually, plastic surgeons do base their prices per breast individually. It's because both sides are the same thing; it's not like buying two front tires for your car. Breasts are naturally different-sized (some more noticeable than others), so the amount of work on each is different. Same with eyes, expecially since prescriptions in each eye can vary wildly. But I don't expect you to know things about eyes!

Miki said...

I meant both sides are not the same thing...

Phillip said...

then that makes sense. it struck me as peculiar at face value.