Monday, January 09, 2006


it's a trepidacious time when i'm bored and melancholy. when i'm in this state of mind i get about a halfstep away from blowing a wad on nothing but cd's i've never heard of from cd baby. it's tantamount to women eating ice cream after a breakup i guess.

buying cd's is one of the simple things i find contentment in (short of actual "happiness"). like the first diet pepsi (caffeine) of the morning, certain songs, watching tv in bed before going to sleep, going to sleep, xanax, coffee on saturday, the weekend edition of "the today show" (MUCH less annoying than the couric/lauer weekday abortions), george w. slaughtering the english language, my cat, crossword puzzles, heroin, copulation, copulation with heroin, and more that i can't call to mind presently.

i also used to love going to cd warehouse to fish through discount bins. there were times when i'd walk out with 10+ cd's. unfortunately, and like several things i enjoy, cd warehouse no longer has a retail store in lafayette (or the whole of louisiana, actually). now i'd have to go to the mall to physically buy cd's, and it'd be a cold day in lafayette before that happened.

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Nez said...

My TV is usually timed to go off when the weekday "Today" debacle begins.