Tuesday, January 03, 2006

citrus is the new cherry

in la-la it reached 81 degrees yesterday, and the temperature has been comparable for several days now. i have had my air conditioner on during the months of december and january for the first time that i can remember. couple the radical climate changes with being packed onto an airplane riddled with winter nose-blowers and allergy mongers, as i was last week, and it's not surprising that i'm downing robitussin and cough drops on tuesday the way i usually down tanqueray on friday.

yesterday was a federal holiday for everyone but me so i couldn't even go to my g.p. for a cortisone injection -- never have i wanted to overpay for a shot in the ass more than now. t'ain't no justice in this world.

it's not just cold weather that makes you sick, or just hot weather, it's the flip-flopping (additional 2006 resolution: never use the term "flip-flopping" again) between the two that throws my system into chaos. the fever comes and goes, my throat is inconsistently (thank god for small miracles) sore, my nostrils are fickle and i keep coughing to dislodge something that may not exist. i hunt the phantom loogie.

i'm greatful for hall's sugarfree citrus cough drops and tylenol pm (as always).

a little cold treatment/movie trivia for the kids -- name the movie the following quote is derived from (no cheating): "he snorts nasal spray? do you know where i can score some?"

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