Saturday, December 31, 2005

the best laid plans (of getting laid?)

everyone seems to have hated 2005. hurricanes, war, expensive gas, government hands up skirts, more terror, an earthquake, a dead pope, a new pope, junk science, false narratives, evolving ipods, plamegate, torture, terri schiavo, cindy sheehan, lies lies lies, hypocrisy hypocrisy hypocrisy.

i got schadenfreudy when the republican party finally began to reap a little of what it had sown, although it's tragic that people's lives are lost and otherwise devastated as a result. frankly i would love for their goals to come to fruition. i'd also love it if i could shit gold, but that's not very likely to happen either.

in all sincerety i hope the rest of the world has a better year in 2006.

personally though 2005 was a good year. i'm not going into detail.

the obligatory list of 2006 goals:
  • maintenance - eye exams, glasses (i was supposed to get last year), visit the dentist, get a percription for this cold
  • keep avoiding sugar (should i? can i?)
  • relocate - find job in minneapolis, find place to live in minneapolis, go to minneapolis, be in minneapolis
  • stick with the vegetarian diet
  • learn to play guitar -- really do it this time dickhead
  • no more giving chucky cheese tokens to homeless people
  • bring down the neo-fascist zombie brigade fundamentalist christian conservative movement and expose them to the light
  • build a new computer for myself
  • continue to work on reaching higher levels of self-actualization and find peace in solitude and acceptance of "i"
  • start running again
  • write more, maybe try to get published
  • do more volunteer/charity work
  • become more politically active instead of just bitching
  • maybe not so much blasphemy (second opinions on this one?)
there are my ambitions for the forthcoming 365. always the biggest obstacle to overcome for me is laziness, which looms like a dense fog over practically everything i do. but i will continue to be a purveyor of crunk and practice/preach healthy skepticism. question everything, cultivate personal peace by being free of "want", and keep on chasing that resilient female tail.

auld lang syne, and peaches.


jenny said...

i love your goals, especially the one about light exposure. :)

Ian McGibboney said...

Silly phizz! Don't you know that vampires shrivel when exposed to light?

I'm glad you personally had a good year in 2005. Sometimes I think I had a worse year than the headlines, if such a thing was even possible. Good thing I had blogs like yours (and mine) to keep me distracted.

I hope you do get to Minneapolis. Once you get there, I hope to live vicariously through you until I find my own way out.

Your resolutions sound good; with that in mind, you should be aware that all of us here at the Pseudo will strictly enforce each resolution. Be on guard!

Happy New Year, PNP! And Jenny too!

Phillip said...

thanks ian. manifest destiny i say. go north young man.

Flamingo Jones said...

You have to chop off zombies' heads, or otherwise cease their brain activity to kill them. I learned that from 7 seasons of obsessive Buffy watching, so you can be sure that I know whereof I speak.