Saturday, December 31, 2005

wanted: robitussin

today i am ill. not in the usual put-this-man-on-lithium way -- i'm sounding very baritone, on new yea'rs eve of all days. regardless i AM going to enjoy myself this evening. antibiotics and the other plethera of over-the-counter medicine i'm garbling aren't meant to be taken with alcohol but to them i say MEH. i like to make memories on new year's eves and i don't want this one to entail me watching ryan seacrest's new year's rockin' eve while making out with a kleenex. if anyone has a get-well-quick scheme please divulge. as of now my only plan is to drink shots. white diamonds.


Nez said...

But Dick Clark is scheduled to return this year!

Ian McGibboney said...

And so are the Bangles!

Celeste said...

delurking here to let you know zinc lozenges rock. happy new year!