Wednesday, December 14, 2005

mea culpa mea culpa

i'm always bitching about people who think they have the moral authority to legislate their faith and force their dogma on others, and i arbitrarily lump in george bush and his whole cabal with those people.

but i'm completely wrong! i was reflecting on what role his faith plays in his governance, and george et. al. need to be utterly commended for leaving all (and i mean ALL) aspects of christianity out of their policies!

obviously none of them give a fiddler's fuck about poverty and the poor. they have no problem conducting illegitimate war and sending innocent people to their deaths. looting the treasury and employee pensions are not a problem. and they definitely check that whole "forgiveness" thing at the capitol door -- too bad tookie!

i can't believe i never realized this sooner. bush doesn't just leave his faith out of his policies, he goes above and fucking beyond to ensure that NO aspects of christianity leak into our laws. kudos george.

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Ian McGibboney said...

YES!! They really do go out of their way, huh? I suppose they're just playing devil's advocate when thumping the Bible! Get it? Get it?!!

I hope that there's an afterlife so the Bush administration is transformed into a shoeshine cloth to be spit on when shining Jimmy Carter's shoes.