Thursday, October 27, 2005

harbinger of an ill-fitting profession

i was brainstorming subjects that interest me enough to write articles about and it took me 16 ideas before my current profession (IT, i guess) made the list. i'm sitting here just spitballing, randomly thinking of what entertains me or what may interest me, and my own fucking job never entered my mind. I'M AT MY JOB RIGHT NOW and it never dawned on me that this, THIS, is something i'm interested in.

the emphasis in my life needs to slowly (or abruptly) begin shifting towards quality, simply put. take your own advice and do what you love, you stupid fuck.

i'm a lazy fucknad. for reasons unbeknownst to me i experience great difficulty forcing myself to change. and i'm not at all averse to change, or afraid of it. quite the contrary. i'm just inherently lazy.

all i want is to set my own hours and not have to leave the house. who wants to sponsor me? reebok? centennial? wal-mart (probably not considering all the wal-mart bashing i do)?

i'm not supposed to be this, nick-burns-your-company's-computer-guy, i'm supposed to be hunter s. thompson. i want to be hunter s. thompson.

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