Thursday, September 01, 2005

throes of war

george w. bush IS terrorism. the hurricane was the most serious threat to national security since seven-eleven and he played the guitar during. his flippant expression while talking about disaster relief was inconceivable (i keep using that word. i do not think it means what i think it means).

as far as i'm concerned the people killed in the hurricane are casualties of war. money going to iraq is money not going to strengthening the "homeland", including levees and drainage systems. in iraq we are spending:
  • almost $200 billion total
  • $5.6 billion a month
  • $186 million per day
  • $129,000 a minute
  • $2,150 per second
  • over $700 per person thus far (average)
also lots of people died (are dying).

what would you do with that $700? what could our country have done with $200 billion? don't just think of how much the war has cost the u.s., but what erewhile could have been done with that insanely large amount of money.

football analogy (i do love my sports): jock guy goes to score a touchdown but fumbles on the one-yard line. an opposing team member picks up the ball and runs the length of the field, scoring a touchdown for his team. jock guy's fumble didn't just cost his team seven points, it gave seven to the other. it's a 14-point swing.

our country hasn't just lost $200 billion (and counting), we've suffered a $400 billion swing.

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