Wednesday, August 31, 2005

well blow me down, or just blow me

new orleans gets wiped off the map, and he goes fishing. i would have thought he'd be standing in a rowboat on canal street (a now ironic moniker) with his bullhorn. who are we gonna invade after this disaster? attack all extremist water!

the devastation in new orleans resulting from the hurricane makes me wonder why president bush, his nose always to the grindstone, cut federal funding to the new orleans district of the army corps of engineers by a record $71.2 million even though the federal emergency management agency (FEMA) ranked a hurricane hitting new orleans as one of the three likeliest most damaging disasters facing the country.

how badly did we need our louisiana national guard here to do their intended job of safeguarding the public instead of fighting an illegal war in iraq? how badly did we miss their high water vehicles, refeulers, generators, and other equipment that are now being used in the desert?

no natural disaster can be blamed on any one person or group of people, but i also muse how and if global warming contributed to the severity of katrina and her waves. increasing sea surface temperatures contribute to a hurricane's strength. global warming (it's NOT a theory you dumb fucks!) causes these temperatures to increase every year. what has the president done to limit our dependency on oil, besides allowing the price of gas to skyrocket?

and please don't tell me he doesn't have the power to keep gas prices reasonable. the bush family has been sucking off the entire royal family of saudi arabia for over 30 years.

george bush has done nothing but weaken our country in many ways, and we were shown a prime example in the unmitigated devastation caused by the hurricane. at least he ended his five-week vacation two days early for us.

did anyone notice how, a week or so ago, the president's administration was saying that "it's not officially a vacation" because the west wing was being rennovated, but now they're "cutting his vacation short" so he can focus on the disaster relief effort?

media, again, completely asleep at the wheel.

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