Wednesday, September 28, 2005

i'm batman

i am originally from iceland, but came to live in these united states to pursue my dream of professional spelunking. but, the current u.s. economy being what it is, combined with the scant few positions that actually pay enough to live on in cave exploration, has forced me to realign my sights. so currently i am a contractor that collects bat guano for various fertilizer companies. i gather shit for a living.

it sounds bad, but it suits me. i'm not a fan of the sun (since bats only leave their roosts at night i have to make hay while the sun doesn't shine), and it amuses me to think that people pay so much for a bunch of crap i found on the ground.

plus bats are cool. they look like evil hummingbirds. a few times i've gone into caves during the day just to observe the tens of thousands sleeping on the ceiling. the constant pissing was like rain.

i'm guessing that it stinks something awful but i've done it for so long that i can't remember what my first reaction to the odor was.

sometimes i wish i was a bat (or at "bat man" if you will). it must be great to know that you shit gold.

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