Friday, August 12, 2005


my loves get chickens that have no bones. for my friends i give friendship medallions and homemade bracelets, and occasionally some innocent cupping and heavy petting when appropriate. also hugs.

never have i delved into hetero penetration, but i am working on mastering the recipe for a ghb cocktail that i'm told is money. it's for me, because notions of man-man sex don't appeal to me. sad because the gays love me.

wal-mart is the nexus for fat people, the handicapped, and negligent mothers with 3 or more children. synergistically the aformentioned make for a harrowing time trying to buy diet pepsi and coffee, and my other stalwarts.

i turned my cart down the frozen foods aisle where 3 fat women were grazing the ice cream section, obviously looking to drown sorrows in sweet sweet sacrilege.

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