Monday, August 29, 2005

get off ma property!

this is something that so typifies today's republican agenda and mindset. from the chicago tribune:

At the pro-Bush rally, there were some heated moments when two members of Protest Warrior, a group that frequently holds counter protests to anti-war rallies, walked in with a sign that read "Say No to War -- Unless a Democrat is President."

Many Bush supporters only saw the top of the sign and believed the men were war protesters, so they began shouting and chasing the pair out. One man tore up their signs. When Will Marean of Minneapolis kept repeating that he was on the Bush side and tried to explain Protest Warrior's mission, one Bush supporter shook his hand and apologized.

my dog where to begin. one - how eager conservatives are to ambush people who they suspect have differing opinions. two - they didn't even finish reading the sign (we don't pay no mind to 'dem dar details!) before losing their tempers, and three - their reaction was one of immediate violence.

they did the same thing with regards to the iraq war, reading only headlines and heeding bush propaganda, then following their kneejerk vengeful reactions without regard to details and facts that so obviously contradicted what their hero was saying.

they are nothing more than crazed sports fans cheering for a team. the issues have no real bearing on their ire; they only want to declare victory and deride the other side. they are children, only wanting to play with the toy because someone else has it.

this supposed anti anti-war protest is being completely funded by republican supporters. it is illusory. the media is overstating the numbers of the "cindy doesn't speak for us" crowd and understating the anti-war protesters themselves. i understand news agencies not wanting to appear biased towards a side, but not if misrepresenting facts is a requisite.

and since republicans also claim to be on the "side of god" why is it that one of them ran over several crosses commemorating lives lost in the war? firing a shotgun into the air? these people aren't doing much to dispel the sterotype of the angry irrational violent redneck texas conservative.

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