Monday, July 11, 2005

what i want for christmas

i hear alot that democrats have no plan for securing the nation, that all they do is lambaste the president's doctrine of pre-emption (which i don't believe is a doctrine so much as the excuse du alternative agenda) and criticize.

this isn't true, of course - several democratic senators have suggested more effective ways of going about securing the "homeland" (zig hile). here's my offerance for what we should be doing instead of spending $5 billion a day in iraq:

  • actually provide significant funding to the department of homeland security
  • fix the c.i.a. - get rid of the yes-men and put smart, impartial analysts there that aren't afraid of giving the president the truth
  • secure our sea ports, screen cargo
  • start screening cargo on foreign and domestic flights
  • increase state and local funding for first responders (police, firefighters, emt's, etc.)
  • reduce dependence on foreign oil - promote and fund research for alternative energy
  • fix the u.s. coast guard, the ships of which are extremely in need of upgrades and who are intrical in protecting our borders
  • secure loose nukes (who said that?), lead by example in reducing our own stockpiles
  • sign kyoto treaty
  • increase aid to africa and other areas - poverty, want, and desperation are root causes of terrorism
  • make sanctions against countries that are ACTUALLY guilty of human rights violations - pakistan, saudi arabia, north korea, the sudan, etc.
  • secure all mass transit systems - increase security personnel, screen
  • lick my taint clean so i don't go postal

worlds apart

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