Thursday, July 14, 2005

philosophical: progression

i like to ponder the bigger picture and scope of things - more the forest than the trees, you know. i don't know why i started tihnking about this but i'm sure it has something to do with politics.

it's hard to deal with issues you formerly had some sort of hold on, or had some sense of certainty about. there's an adlai stevenson quote about how we wish we knew anything as surely as we used to know everything (google it, i'm lazy). it's hard dealing with life's tangibles, and realizing that certain beliefs you harbor are illusory.

like realizing that santa claus isn't real, or that your girlfriend has a torrid sexual past, or the importance of money (and thereby how large the role of greed plays in the world). i imagine it's the same difficulty fathers have when their daughters start to date.

but all of these are just facts of life and shouldn't bother us. the only things that truly matter are intangible. it's regressive to try to cling to antiquated notions that place more importance on tradition than evolution (scientific and societal).

think about slavery, civil rights, human rights, homosexuality, stem cell research, science in general, sex ed, and a plethera of other things. the universe invariably tilts towards justice and liberalism prevails, but there are always people who try to prevent the inevitable, and i don't understand that.

when you find out santa isn't real why would you try to keep pretending? is illusory bliss better than progression? i can't think so, but obviously many do. i'm just trying to understand the rationale.

more concern about that nefarious "root cause" that is treated prejudicially these days...

maybe it's just emotional immaturity that disallows even smart people the ability to adapt and realize that there are no absolutes. you have to realize that existence is never stagnant, it is always evolving, and it's useless and a waste of time to try to prevent progress.

nibb high football rules.

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