Wednesday, July 27, 2005

midsummer night's ream

always entertained by cnn's crack journalistic efforts, i thought today's headlines were especially indicative of how far off the pulse our corporate media's finger is.

Astronauts using robot arm to inspect shuttle Watch
Rumsfeld makes surprise visit to Iraq Watch
Aruba pond drained in search for Natalee Holloway
Elizabeth Smart kidnap suspect ruled incompetent Watch
Forecast: Still hot, really hot Heat wave map Watch
Danny Glover: Latin TV station won't demonize U.S.
Some papers pull 'Doonesbury' over Rove nickname
Plans unveiled for nation's tallest skyscraper

rumsfeld in iraq is newsworthy, but i'm sincerely baffled by "heat" being such an issue in july. the supermodel weather men and women have boldly predicted more heat. isn't it usually hot this time of year? aren't we at war or something? how hot is it in iraq?

and the obligatory pieces about missing pretty white girls and a celebrity name-drop. is danny glover the best we can do right now? where's tom cruise? i hope he's not letting his ego write checks his body can't cash again.

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