Sunday, June 12, 2005

standing on the edge of the hoover dam

happy sabbath. i'm currently noshing on xanax and amping on coffee. dog bless the weekend.

if you turn up the album loved by the cranes really loud, close all your blinds, and sit in total darkness, it almost feels like the world ended.

i'm giving thought to commiting to asexuality. i've arrived at the realization that sex is overrated. i compare it to binging on something when you're trying to diet - it's wonderful for about 10 minutes, but then you're miserable for days thereafter.

plus if i inherently believe that sex is a non-factor when meeting people (F) then i'd probably be much more relaxed. especially if i continue with the xnx-noshing, which i have every intention of doing.

my major qualm with this idea is that i'd miss out on some great breakup-inspired writing and creativity. if necessity is the mother of invention then depression is the mother of inspiration.

i should copywright that and manufacture refrigerator magnets.

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