Wednesday, June 22, 2005

pyt (w)

take note how there are never big news stories about missing black people. is it a conscious decision on the part of decision-makers in the media that coverage is only allotted to pretty white girls? it's probably just an innate form of racism.

i think about this on the heels of the one-hour dateline special devoted entirely to the runaway bride. katie couric really keeps her finger on the pulse with hard-hitting journalism and dramatic background music.

my understanding, and please correct me if i'm wrong, is that this woman just had cold feet? i didn't watch the special, but how in the world does that fill an hour? maybe the missing boyscout deserves an hour (or made-for-tv movie), but i can't say i approve of eschewing the bevy of relevant stories in favor of... this, whatever it is.

looking at that woman i wonder why we aren't talking about a runaway husband.

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