Thursday, June 23, 2005

new pollution

in re: the crime drama
it's happening and i can't stop it. i'm getting addicted to the network prime-time crime drama. how can one avoid it? law & order and csi each have three versions! jesus titty-fucking chirst. then add to that the weekend repeats and syndicated episodes of each that are always on, and i'm helpless. my new raison d'etre - the one-hour crime drama.

marishka hargitay - sooooo hot, want to touch the heinie.
elisabeth rohm - can prosecute me any day.
marg helgenberger - kinda looks like an alien with collagen, but somehow it works. i want to do her slowly.

in re: drug for blacks
a new drug aimed at curbing heart failure exclusively in black people is pending approval by the fda. it doesn't work for whites because of genetical differences, but some people apparently say it's racism.

i don't get the outrage at all. i don't fly off the handle when a drug comes out that only works for women, or for diabetics, or men who can't get an erection, or wheelchairs for parapalegics. it has to be a complete jackass that arbitrarily cries racism when something is meant for one group or another without even considering the context.

unless it has to do with basic human rights, who fucking cares.

in re: banning desecration of the flag
in all seriousness, the symbol of our country should be a burning flag. it would be such a poignant symbol of what freedom means - as much as we detest seeing our flag burned, we value the right to do it even more.

and how exactly are they going to define desecration? making clothes out of the flag? bumper stickers that get dirty and worn? tattoos? it's all skite.

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