Saturday, June 18, 2005

i am bender please insert liquor

the girlfriend and i split up this morning. it usually happens around the 2-month mark anyway. luckily i have sweet lady xnx, as always, to keep me comfort. she never leaves me, bless her heart. now i have more time to commit myself to my favorite hobby - alcoholsim.

it's all for the best. i need to save cash for the lollapalooza fest, plus phizz just isn't himself unless he's wallowling in solitude, misery and bitterness. it should make for more interesting creative juice.

and a good thing i don't have those "human feelings" i hear so much about. i am bender please insert girder.

song of the day: "single again" by the fiery furnaces. not so much because i actually am single again, but because it kicks ass.

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