Thursday, June 16, 2005

blatant bullcrappery

in re: politico
i know this story has been beaten to death, but i have to. it has been gleaned from the terri schiavo autopsy (buying the dvd the second it comes out) that she only had half a brain, as a dozen or so doctors, bill frist notwithstanding, attested to prior to and during the controversy about pulling her plug.

so how is it possible that those nurses talked to her? or that one minister was able to communicate with her? which witch doctor said he could rehabilitate her? we made george fly back from crawford for this? he was taking a nap, having the BEST dream.

how much clearer could it be that these republicans (frist, tom delay, jeb) only USED this woman and her family for political gain? frist diagnosed her via videotape? are you kidding? blaming her husband for her condition?

if people don't realize that the republican agenda is purely political and despicable and has nothing to do with being religious or truly concerned for life after this, then i think america itself is a vegetative state.

- insert other joke about half a brain and republicans here -

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