Friday, May 13, 2005

you must be pre-med dick

dick cheaney is coming to lafayette today. i'd love to get arrested for protesting but they won't let anyone who hasn't payed at least a grand get anywhere near him. in all honesty, i would LOVE to be arrested for shouting at the veep creep.

the gilmore girls season finale is already next week? i am chagrined. i'm also somewhat irked at rory lately - always acting like an itty-bitty wittle girl, so naive and bright-eyed and optimistic about the world. where's the cynicism of a true scholar? where's the weight-gain of someone who eats nothing but pastries (lorelai, you too) and burgers and frieds? where's the alcohol abuse?

it's a great show, i love it still, but never say that it doesn't conform to the illusory nature of all television.

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