Wednesday, April 27, 2005

when people stop being polite...

someone, on their blog, chided me for cursing on mine.

if i feel compelled to expand my vocabulary by using expletives, what's wrong with that? i am often an irritated and passionate individual, and at appropriate times i wish to convey emotion through language. if fuck, cunt, cock, rimjob, dickhole, republican, etc. are at my disposal then why not make hay?

if you don't like it, you don't have to read. mmmkay pumpkin? they. are. just. words.

if you have a problem with some vernacular because your 3rd grade teacher slapped you on the wrist when you cursed, then don't go back to the 3rd grade (or, considering the mentality of alot of people, try to pass the 3rd grade). i am an adult, more or less, and i live in the real world, whatever that is. and in the real world people curse.

there's such a national idee fixe about propriety in language and content (see: janet jackson's titty). howard stern gets fined for something a caller said. rush limbaugh is taking heat for saying "blowjob" on the air. of course i loathe lush rimjaw for his views, lies and hatespeech, but he still shouldn't be fined for saying "blowjob". they're just words. plus i doubt that little susie and johnny were listening to his show in the middle of the day anyway.

but this is the same dogma that says we should only teach abstinence in schools even though it's been proven ineffective. let's kick the dead horse and beat our breasts over irrelevant issues like language and sexual ideals while teens keep getting pregnant because noone ever emphasized safety and protection in the sexual realm, which they all inevitably enter (more often than not premaritally).

being principled without practicality is just masturbation.

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