Tuesday, April 26, 2005

stories about boobies

our nation's corporate-run media is now motivated only by ratings; new and improved, and completely relevance-free. we are bombarded every day by these languid stories about celebrity court cases or a single brain-dead person or a pretty white girl that got murdered that have no bearing at all on our personal lives.

a great example is always cnn. cnn is an obvious bastion of lackey journalism - they're ostensibly trying to be fox news, it seems. on their web page i like to read the headlines under "more news" to see what they consider relevant, and also because of my morbid, passing-a-car-wreck fascination. today's:
so a couple of stories about what i would consider actual news, and then a bunch of mary hart-worthy fodder. it's a great reflection about what piques people's interests nowadays - glimmer and sex and stories that empassion us to feel, not think.

this is why george bush "won" (i will never concede that he fairly won either election) last year - people were voting against gay marriage or abortion or other social issues that have no impact on their lives whatsoever. mr. and mrs. douchebag can't afford to pay their medical bills and are running up massive credit card debt and won't be able to declare bankrupcy to help them lead a normal life, but jesus! don't let jim and jim down the street get married!

yes, i am saying that people voted against their own interests, i.e. were too stupid to know better.

when did reason and logic take such a back seat to glitz? it's like they're tickling our collective balls while shoving a pineapple up our ass. or spraying perfume on a homeless person; everyone wants a better scent while they're starving and destitute.

also: please click on the link at the near-top of the sidebar and join the virtual march (basically a petition - all you do is submit your name) against global warming. it's a good way to bring media attention to the major problems facing the environment and our government's counter-productive policies.

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