Saturday, April 16, 2005

in my good, good morning

since i learned that my utmost adored dandy warhols will soon be releasing a new album (btw it has been 10 years since their first album, "dandys rule ok") i have been able to think of little else. no specific date has been set, but i've read "sometime before summer", which makes sense because may is pretty much the biggest record release month of the year, traditionally.

tonight i will be celebrating the arrival of the crown jewel of my dvd collection - the 2-disc documentary DIG! about the warhols and the brian jonestown massacre. i will be toasting and getting toasted with gin and cigarettes. this, friends, is my idea of heaven.

while not the most poetic of songs, "good morning" is actually a great one to wake up to. what it lacks in lyrical depth it makes up for in melodic style. from "dandy warhols come down":

In my good good morning
I'm up before the sun can bring,
early morning, and everyone
like a shiny thing.

All my angels appear
before my window saying
"good morning"
in my good morning

In my good, good morning
I feel before my thoughts all spring.
Am I conscious or
is this my unconscious being
No more like a dream than a
God before my conscious saying
"Good morning" in my good morning?

In my good, good morning
I'm up before the sun can bring,
Early morining, and Everyone like a shiny thing.
No more like a dream, then a
God before my conscious saying
"Good Morning" In my good morning.

from the bjm site:

"Anton Newcombe (from bjm) does not support the recently screened documentary film 'DIG!' in its currently edited form. He feels strongly that the "Jerry Springer-esque" vilification of his nature is an inappropriate, mis contextualized, and exploitative use of the footage... "

i'll comment on this after watching it. peaches.

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