Friday, April 22, 2005

hug a tree but don't let it forcibly rape you like that girl from the evil dead

it's earth day. i will say, if you don't recycle you are a gigantic ass. it's very easy - even for yours truly who is a self-proclaimed lazy dickhole - and really does make a difference. i recycle cans, batteries and plastic (and plastic bags). when i got this job last year i decided not to buy a car for largely environmental reasons. it sucks that there isn't a great public transportation infrastructure here in lafayette, but i get around. i live within close proximity to everywhere i really need to go, so i walk, i take cabs, bum rides, all that.

anyway, there's no reason not to at least recycle, and if you're too short-sighted and self-centered to think that recycling and being environmentally conscious don't matter because you'll be dead way before pollution has an effect on the earth or your life, then fuck off. although i doubt anyone who reads my drivel is such a person. i preach to the choir alot.

i will also use today to shout out against the "tree-hugging hippie" broad brush that liberals get painted with. i would classify myself as more of a tree-hugging hipster, but that's not really the point. what exactly is wrong with being environmentally conscious? why does that get such a negative connotation?

do pollution regulations get blamed for the rising costs of gas? that probably is our fault. hey hippies, why don't we let our government know that it's okay to start drilling in our national parks so that we can squeeze another few drops of sweet combustible freedom from under the soil? alternative energy sources be damned right?

incidentally i've heard and read that it would be remarkably easy to convert from our dependence on petroleum in this country to other fuel sources. is it really surprisidng though that our neo-con death cult fascist administration (from texas, no less) wants nothing to do with anything that doesn't increase the profits of gasoline asshat corporations (gasshats)?

anycrap, we do what we can. if you think that you're just one person and can't make a difference, remember this quote from margaret meade:
Never underestimate the ability of a small group of people to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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