Monday, April 04, 2005


it's probably unrelated to the time change but i can't shake off the feeling that i just woke up. my face feels puffy, i can't focus my eyes on anything, and i feel sore. lying in bed all day mourning a lost hour of possible sleep evidently makes my muscles (and my heart) ache. who knew.

my great idea is to not lose that hour on the weekend, but during the middle of a workday. right? like right now, instead of 10:16 it would be 11:16, if my math is correct, and we'd all be one hour closer to going home.

what would happen if we didn't either spring ahead or fall back? i'm not completely clear on the whole thing. i know it has something to do with equinoxes and the earth's tilt and the angle of the dangle.

does anyone backup their blog? what would happen if it were all lost someday?

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