Sunday, March 13, 2005

my pants are tight!

yes i am a man. i have a penis and pretty girls make it go "huh". these are celebrities who i think are very the sexy. i can't attest one way or the other as to their intellectual acumen; this goes on looks alone. if you want pictures, look them up yourself. it's sunday, i'm lazy (like my laziness has anything at all to do with what day it is). so, in a very shallow post:

  1. rose mcgowan - pale skin and black hair (awesome)
  2. ali larter - whip cream bikini in varsity blues
  3. gabrielle union - only good reason to watch bad boys 2
  4. eva mendez - very caliente
  5. scarlett johansson - come up with a reason why not
  6. kirsten dunst - i can only plead insanity
  7. sarah carter - recent smallville appearances
note: if you've read anything i've written in the past, you know i'm about as superficial as a blind 90-year old parapalegic with alzheimer's. so don't tread on me for submitting a pure penis post.

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