Wednesday, March 09, 2005

dear lorelai

thank you so much for expressing the apoplexy we were all feeling towards your mommy dearest. "shut up" dispelled, for me, the umpteen times i've come to grief over her meddling, self-righteousness, and abuse of the hired help. kudos to you.

although "fuck off" would have been more cathartic. i know - network tv, family programming, the wb, fcc, not in your nature, on and on and on.

i also applaud your self-awareness (very phizzesque); loathing the fact that emily interferes with your life on a constant basis while you make conscious efforts to avoid doing so to rory, even when you think that her college dating habits are questionable.

and if you would, please ask your namesake to drink more. she's in college for the love of pete. drinking and promiscuity are the cornerstones of a healthy college experience, ivy league or not.


gg fan club member #134,580

supine, of course i sing along with the theme song. every week.

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