Friday, January 21, 2005

random thoughts, or what i like to call "talking poitns"

it's about enough with the inauguration, but some random thoughts:
  • i would absolutely violate the bush twins' sexuality if given the opportunity.
  • lord, deliver us from the perception of evil...
  • be a republican first, american second (or third, or not at all)
  • somehow we will war it up with iran, despite the lack of troops
  • the right is probably going to get fucked in the mid-terms, because of the social security thing
  • "freedom" and "liberty" are only punch lines
  • tyranny is the new terror (mentioned 5 times in speech)
  • iraq was not mentioned once
  • god bless protesters
  • laura bush always looks like she's on percocet. she may be a cyborg.
  • we'll continue to feel very smart for the next four years just by keeping up with politics

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